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Re: 37.5% boot time reduction in Lenny is possible (recipe)

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> Here is a quick report on how I was able to speed up the boot in Lenny
> by using the tools available already.  I was able to reduce the boot
> time as reported by bootchart from 48 to 30 seconds (37.5%).  I post
> it here to make more Debian users aware of the possibilities.

Benefits may greatly varry.

For this slowest 2+GHz 8 core server of the world make that 5 minutes
48 seconds to 5 minutes 30 seconds here or 5% speed increase. And yes,
this slowest 2+GHz 8 core server of the world does take that long to
boot, mainly bios ram test and scsi probing. Never seen a server count
its ram so slow.

And you get that once or twice a year. Not sure if the risk of
breaking things is worth that optimization.


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