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Re: db.debian.org/password.html : Why ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub to setup OpenSSH for RSA

Peter Palfrader skrev:
On Thu, 15 May 2008, Norbert Preining wrote:

On Do, 15 Mai 2008, Mike Hommey wrote:
I beg to differ. This particular mail is important enough to be sent to
d-d-a instead of d-i-a.
I agree, dia is not what I would be subscribed to under normal
circumstances, and with all the caos that type of announce is for dda.

Which is why the initial mail about the issue went to both.  If you read
the first mail you will know where to find the rest.  If you can't be
bothered to read carefully when asked to (and lots can't) then I cannot
help you.

Yes you can, by resending these mails of general interest to d-d-a.

DDs are required to subscribe to d-d-a and read it to keep informed. I don't recall a requirement to subscribe to d-i-a, the Developer's Reference doesn't even mention it. If you want all DDs to be aware of something, send stuff to d-d-a. (I did read that the initial mail said to look to d-i-a, but in that case, I'd rather miss your posts there, and get the information from IRC or something instead, than actually subscribing to yet another ML I don't really feel I need to add to my already way too many mailfolders.)

Or, I suppose, you could send an URL to d-i-a's archived post to d-d-a, that might be enough for those who don't have that much interest in d-i-a (including me). (But then again, if you do that, you could as well include the whole post...)

Perhaps someone should do that for everyone's benefit? Maybe even me, a relatively peripheral DD?

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