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debian-installer: driver disk compatibility

Since Debian isn't really supported by most hardware vendors, it makes
it difficult to install the distribution when the kernel on the
installation media doesn't support, say, a RAID controller or the IDE
chipset... things of that nature.  However, hardware vendors over the
years are starting to embrace and support some of the other major
distributions such as Red Hat, SuSE, and others.

What method does Debian have for someone to load a 3rd party module,
besides going to another VT and manually doing it?  Would it be too much
to request that the Debian installer be adjusted to accept 3rd party
driver disks designed for other major distributions?  For example, lets
say I have a new motherboard with a chipset that isn't supported by the
current Linux kernel on the Debian installation media.  I go to said
manufacturers web site and they have downloads for Red Hat and SuSE.  I
download either of the two, pop in the <cough>floppy disk</cough>, and
Debian is able to determine whether it's designed for distribution X and
loads the module.  That, in itself, would be the next best thing since
the "alien" package. :-)

Best regards,
Ken Teague

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