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[no subject] "Debian way" for permanent static routes? "Fake" Package installation? "File size limit exceeded" in mkfs Re: "mplayer -vo xvidix" problems with sudo "ps" and caculate start_time "Semi-Hot-Swap" of IDE discs Re: "Semi-Hot-Swap" of IDE discs (OT) Re: "Semi-Hot-Swap" of IDE discs (OT) - dvd 'boot from SCSI' Q Re: 'hw' RAID1 Re: 'Semi-Hot-Swap' of IDE discs Re: 'Semi-Hot-Swap' of IDE discs - bios 'Shredding' a hard disk (no subject) Re: (solved; follow-up) Unable to make Linux bootable... *****SPAM***** FROM DOUGLAS Re: *****SPAM***** WHY????????????????????????????? *****SPAM***** 尊敬的新老客户: /dev/dsp: No such device /dev/sndstat problem - Advice ? /etc/aliases problem /etc/hosts Re: /etc/hosts etc Re: /etc/init.d/network vs /etc/init.d/networking (Debian Guide? /etc/init.d/network vs /etc/init.d/networking (Debian Guide?) /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/exim delays other jobs due to no "&" /etc/printcap with CUPS & Openoffice 1.0 Re: /usr/sbin/mkinitrd: ldd: command not found when installin /usr/sbin/mkinitrd: ldd: command not found when installing new kernel? 1024x768 resolution on Extended SVGA monitor 1:3.0.2p1-9 > 1:3.4p1-0.0potato1 ? 2 pcmcia ethernet cards? 2.2 vs 2.4 kernels Re: 2.2 vs 2.4 kernels (OT) 2X CD's as emulated scsi 3c589c network card (pcmcia) goes pear shaped 3Com Modem + Realtek Network 3D - Acceleration for Nvidia TNT 2 graphic card 3dwm - how to make it do anything? 700Mb CD's with debian woody :pluger" Plug In for Galeon? Re: :plugger" Plug In for Galeon? Re: Öлª»úеÍø à l'attention du Bureau d'études automatismes - Proposition d'envoi d'un nouveau catalogue de composants Kärlek Re: Kärlek Re: Kärlek Re: Não consigo tocar CD de músi ca Re: Não consigo tocar CD de música Re: Placa de vídeo i810 tv out in general VIA AC´97 [ Debian Users ] Subject Prefix ? [CLOSED] Server won't reboot automatically after "init 6". [Debian Doc page lags behind] Re: Newbie Resources Was -- Re: Debian book for complete newbie? [Fwd: Re: Centralized /etc/passwd ?] [Fwd: Re: makepasswd: naive question] [Fwd: Re: ntpdate troubles] [he's got psm] Re: can't acces https with mozilla Re: [he's got psm] Re: can't access some https with mozilla [Help]! Re: [MDLUG] Re: RAM upgrade == Kernel Panic---cramfs problem [mostly-OT] apt-get on RH, is it worth anything? (was Re: Debian: abandon ship?) [offtopic] esdl [OT?] Digest version available? [OT] Debian based web hosting (e.g. Dreamhost) [OT] Graphic distortion on monitor [OT] opl3sa2 [OT] rearranging data files [Re: audio volume playing CDs [SOLVED]] Re: [release+kernel] upgrade headache [ Re: More modem problems with kernel 2.4.18] [SOLVED!] Re: lost route (network unreachable) [Solved!] Re: Replacing default PPP deb with custom deb? [solved] aterm and scrollTtyOutput Re: [SOLVED] How do I change de IP addresses in woody [SOLVED] mplayer [SOLVED] Re: mutt and maildir(?) [SOLVED] Re: WP8 document window size RE:[SOLVED] Woody+ Ximian + Evolution Re: [SOLVED]iomega parallel port zip drive [woody] xdm serving x-terminal: success? `which` and infinite recursion Abiword Abiword font error abiword question About GNOME Setting and XMMS Sound Abusive usage by a user Abusive user apparently coming from your servers acard aec6280 not recognised ACPI acpi sleep/suspend AcroRead: FullScreen Activate Gnome/KDE at 'startx' adding 'pool' to apt sources advansys scsi controller Advogato: Debian considered harmful aec6280 IDE controller not recognised during install Re: After base install, which packages should I add? Aladdin eToken Pro + Linux allowing telnet for only a few users? Alpha GNU software alsa modules for alpha? alsa, woody and terratec ewx - howto install? Alt-UpArrow not working and a framebuffer question Amazing init problem ANNOUNCEMENT: mICQ 0.4.9 Another guide for a diskless installation? Re: anti-virus Re: Antivirus Illuminati Antivirus Illumnati Any X10 users out there ? Anyone got java JMF working on Debian? Anyone have a copy of /etc/mailname? apache + apache-ssl Apache 1.3.26 compatible build of libapache-mod-perl Apache 2.0? Apache and cgi's on user-dir... apache and suexec breaks my cgi script Apache Exploit Released - where is an update for Woody? apache php4 woody update Apache with Tomcat4 package Apache, DHCPd, etc, on a low-end machine apache/php memory exhausted api calls apic errors / interface crash on tyan 200t APMD Under Debian Woody appearance of xfce on Debian apple powerbook lombard application profiling ??? apt + proxy apt and packages from outside the distro apt or broken package problem apt-get apt-get and woody apt-get dist-upgrade -u doesn't tell me what it's getting apt-get dist-upgrade error apt-get install problem apt-get problem Apt-get problem apt-get problems apt-get source <package> apt-get? non stable debs? apt-proxy 111 connection refused apt-proxy and apt-proxy configuration Re: apt-proxy problem - was -111 connection refused Aptitude extended state file aptitude vs. dselect aptitude, dselect, synaptic at the same time artsd, scsi & me ASSISTANCE ast-ksh debs anywhere? asynchronous socket error 10060 aterm and scrollTtyOutput Re: Athlon XP Motherboard Advice Sought ATI Rage 128 and XFree 4.1 The last update was on 18:16 GMT Sun Nov 19. 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