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Abiword font error

Other than following the instructions given ( I'm certain Debian has 
done some or all of it already, but how much and what?), maybe someone 
else has resolved the problem already..

	Source: abiword/unstable
	Version: 1.0.1+cvs.2002.05.30-1
	System: Testing (aka Woody, Debian 3.0)

On startup, a message box pops up with the following remark:

	Abiword was not able to add its fonts to the X fontpath.
	This does not mean anything is wrong with your system,
	but you'll need to modify your fontpath manually. Please
	see "UNIX Font Path Problem" in the FAQ section of the
	Help file for more detailed information, including instructions
	on turning this warning off."

This has been haunting me through several upgrades now (since 0.9
or so). There are no errors at install time; APT appears to be 
upgrading the font information just fine.

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