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Re: 2X CD's as emulated scsi

> >
> /dev/cdrom points at /dev/sr0
> VMware is version 3.1.1 build-1790.
> With W2k as guest OS you have to initiate the vmwaretools installation
> from the menu Settings -> VMware Tools Install, from that point it is
> supposed to install automatically from a simulated CD-ROM (I can see the
> files if I open D:\) but it only starts the installation and then it
> dissappears and I keep getting the message *vmwaretools is not
> installed*. I can initiate D:\setup\Setup.exe and the same thing
> happens.

(This is sort of a "when it still fails"-solution, sorry)

Try to install vmware again, or rerun  vmware-configuration.pl  (or what
ever it was called).  I installed the same version this wekend,
vmware-tools installed as it should just by "activating" the install
option in the menu.
  Btw, you are sure that the tools are not installed?  I recall from
version 2 that it claimed that the tools was not installed but they were
(and they worked).

There is a vmware log somewhere, I have no idea whatever whatever the
"tools install" produces some output there but you can always check.

Hmm, just a thought;  Are you running the "guest OS" package or are you
installing from a real w2k CD?  I did the later as I don't have the
"guest package"

Good luck!

// Emil

> Yes vmwaretools are included in the program but not inside the guest OS.
> Cheers,
> HÖ
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