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On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, vanillicat wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> Just a note that this message of yours got through.
> Also, your query regarding abiword made it through to me as well.  I'm
> having the *precise* same issue, so I too am watching what turns up.

Thanks for the reply. I've changed the subject line back to the
real topic.. :-)

Reading the hint, it seems to indicate all that's needed are the
two files (fonts.dir and fonts.scale) be in /usr/share/Abisuite/fonts
and it should fly. They are already in place.

But Abi complains that it can't add its fonts to the X fontpath. Which
is strange, because I'd expect X to be complaining, not Abiword. Maybe
Abi is trying to add the fonts, again?

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