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Re: 2.2 vs 2.4 kernels

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 13:19, nate wrote:
<quote who="Reid Gilman">

>      I take it you don't have USB then.  That is one of the most useful
> things that the 2.4.x kernels gave us, USB.  I have actually got a USB
> Handspring Visor syncing with my Debian (Woody) 2.4.18 system.  I'm
> working on my mp3 player.  I remember being forced to dual boot just so I
> could sync a PDA, but now I've been Windows free for about 6 months
> becuase the 2.4.18 kernel has USB pretty much straightened out.

many basic USB devices work under 2.2  I have my kodak digital camera
working, I have my logitech Trackman marble wheel(in USB "mode" on my
laptops), and i have my handspring visor deluxe as well as my handspring
visor prism both in USB "mode" working fine on 2.2.x  i think 2.2.19
or was it 2.2.18 included the usb patches, before that i grabbed the
3rd party usb patch..also a 4-port USB hub which i use to simultaneously
connect(well more so to have available i don't use all 4 devices at the
same time) my camera/trackball/visor1/visor2 to my laptops which only
have 1 USB port. I put off getting a camera for a long time becuase
i thought the 2.2.x camera support would be bad(didn't find much info
on it other then using really old cameras). so I purchased a refurb
kodak because it was one of the few models that had a driver. little
did i know that gphoto2 uses usb in a different way and I don't even
need a driver, using the driver actually breaks gphoto2 :) took me about
an hour to figure that one out!!

some things don't work, i think USB generic storage devices don't work
as well as some of the more advanced stuff ..but what i have..works....
i would like to use a USB-based compact flash adapter, but those don't
work under 2.2.x as far as i've seen so i just have to live without
it for now(or load up a 2.4.x based distribution in VMware, and enable
USB in vmware and export the filesystem from the Compact flash to NFS
and mount it in my 2.2.x based system ..!)

2.4.x may have better/cleaner usb support, but as long as it works
in 2.2.x i am satisfied ..

     I guess if you have USB working fine under 2.2.18 then there isn't a big 
     problem.  I haven't had much luck making USB work in anything but 2.4.x.
     That's just me though.

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