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Re: "mplayer -vo xvidix" problems with sudo

> > What do you mean? There's only one executable 'mplayer' and only one 'sudo'.
> He means that sudo sets a hard-coded $PATH (defined at compile time) and su
> sets a potentially different one derived from any of several places.
 A similar alternative (to the original question) is that it could be
 due to the $HOME variable too- mplayer does have config files in
 your home directory (well, the version I have does, I've not tried
 the .deb version tho).
 Well, more accurately, there's a config file that may be empty,
 and a codecs file that should have *lots* of info in it, and a
 registry file for windows emulation, to use those windows based
 codecs (does the .deb have these?).

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