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Re: Apache with Tomcat4 package

>>>>> "Emil" == Emil Hägerlund <hagerlund@linuxmail.org> writes:

Emil> Thanks, Connector?  ---------- BUT, how is it meant for users to
Emil> connect apache and tomcat4 under testing? Shall I get a connector
Emil> from Jakartas archive?

You can try libapache-mod-jk or libapache-mod-webapp.

Emil> JDK --- I installed jdk 1.4 from sun. Added the java path to
Emil> /etc/default. So now I have a satisfactory java base.  Is there no
Emil> jdk deb package for tomcat4?

You can get a jdk1.3 deb from Blackdown.  Go to
http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/mirrors.html, select an appropriate
mirror, navigate through to
.../debian/dists/[woody or potato]/non-free/binary-i386

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