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About GNOME Setting and XMMS Sound

Dear all,

Sorry to bother.

I've just managed to Install Debian Woody from Unofficial CD-Images today. Actually, yesterday I've also succeeded, but due to some problems I encounter/didn't like yesterday, I reinstall everything today.

2 things I'm now quite desperate about is:
1. Yesterday, I got a nice Theme installed with GNOME (forgot what's the name, I only remember it was a blue colored theme), but today, I can't found those Themes in GNOME Control Center anymore.

2. XMMS Sound, yesterday, when I play a song in XMMS, it's just play it very nicely. I don't have to do anything. While now, I need to make the output plugin goes to libesd and then start esd manually. The modules I load is still the same as yesterday, only i810_audio and ofcourse soundcore and ac97_codec.

Here's the question:
What package provide the theme in number one?
What do I need to do to make XMMS just working like yesterday?

I really don't want to do some reinstalling again ;-)
Please also CC'ed to me when you reply, because I'm not registered to one or more mailing list I send the email here.

Thanks before.

Best Regards,

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