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[sjcarbon@eskimo.com: Re: More modem problems with kernel 2.4.18]

Throwing this back over the fence...


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On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 03:13, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Your internal modem, if roasted and ground sufficiently fine, will make
> a surprisingly strong espresso.  Go get an external modem.
> http://www.linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/#internalmodem

Even if I'm destined for a good string cup, I'd still like to be able to
figure out what's going on :)

Some thoughts before I go the external road:

1) The modem has worked fine with every kernel I've put in since I
installed potato.  Now both potato (with bunk's upgrades) and woody

2) /proc/* information and setserial information are at odds with each
other.  I mean--jeez--the irq info is missing altogether...

3) The system refuses to even acknowledge that there may be a modem
there in the first place, making it hard to diagnose once running.

All of this seems to indicate to me that there may be some kernel
bug--but I have no idea where to start if it is. This modem is
definitely not a win/linmodem.  I have also spend some time playing with
the jumpers trying to give the kernel (if it even is a kernel problem) a
friendly reminder of what the proper information is--but to no avail.

Any further thoughts (would I like cream with that? :) ) are greatly


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