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3Com Modem + Realtek Network

I had trouble at first getting a 3Com 5610 modem 
to work with Debian Woody, 
but I was able to solve that for a while.
It turns out that the 5610 wants to work on /dev/ttyS4
Woody does not create this, by default. 
I read the Serial-HOWTO from TLDP and 
it told me how to create /dev/ttyS4. 
This was easy, this was good to learn.
Then setserial /dev/ttyS4 identified a UART. 
And pppconfig autodetected the modem, 
and I dialed an IP and reached the Internet. Good.

But then I setup a Realtek 8139(A) network adapter. 
I did not specify parameters to the module and 
it autoconfigured to irq 5 and ioport 0xb400.

Now the modem does not work, 
Woody autoconfigures /dev/ttyS4 to irq 2 and ioport
but this does not work; 
setserial /dev/ttyS4 lists UART unknown. 

Under winME, the modem works on COM5, IRQ 10 and IO B000. 

I tried to set these parameters with: 
setserial /dev/ttyS4 port 0x4000 irq 10, 
and these parameters do get set, 
but the modem does not work.  

The Realtek uses irq 5 and ioport 0xb400-b4ff

cat /proc/ioports does not list anything at 0xb000.

Any suggestions? 
Dennis Krinke

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