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Re: Athlon XP Motherboard Advice Sought

On Saturday 01 June 2002 5:25 am, Simon Read wrote:
> I'm considering building an Athlon XP 2100+ based system.  I'd like to
> build it with  a 333 MHz Front Side Bus.   I'm considering KT333 based
> motherboards  from various  manufacturers.   I'm especially  enamoured
> with the EPoX 8K3A+. Does anyone out there have any experiences they'd
> be willing to share?

First off the KT333 is FSB200/266 DDR200/266/333 not FSB & DDR 200/266/333 . 
But the best PC2700 board is the Abit KX333 or Asus A7V333, with the KX7 
beatin' the A7V on it's extra DIMM & PCI slot (find the extra slots useful) 
with the slighly more sane position of the FDD port give it the edge.


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