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"unsubscribe" /dev/dvd /proc/net/wireless empty, airport module loads fine, iwconfig shows general dev-info 1/8 inch jack... 120 GB hardisk on beige G3 2D acceleration on M6 [FIXED] gnome instability since yesterday update [ openoffice.org_1.0.2-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED] adb mouse button emulation does not work airport on ibook2 Airport: Tx excessive retries alias and symbolic links with netatalk ALSA on TiBook Re: ALSA on TiBook (for Mij, too) alsa snd module archives? ATI rage 128 on the TiBook 400, alternative resolutions backgroundled on pb wallstreet bash [was Re: Suggest a really good email client] bash binary needed Best news for users of iBook (11-2002) BIG oops, bounced message Big problem installing Woody onto a Mac 9600 bloat tolerance? Blue and White G3 install problem Brightness and Contrast controls on iMacs BTTV and IxTV call for testers de_CH Xkbd map Call for testing: PowerPC 3.0.24 boot disks Can't boot after quik misconfiguration Re: Can't boot with new kernel cannot make system bootable (PMac 6500) communication partition Configuring XFree on a TiBook Console problems with 2.4.20-ben4 console rows/cols -- configurable? create HFS partition Re: create HFS partition [solved] cups Re: cups [solved] current ppc sid problem D-I build / initial test on powerpc Debian 3 r1 (Woody) PowerMac 7300/200 Sound? Debian on PowerBook G4 Titanium 15-inch 1 GHz w/SuperDrive Debian using GCC-3, causing problems. Debugger break on busy system Delete and Alt Gr keys dhcp-client v pump disabling DRI ? DRI Permission denied dri-trunk and the xlibmesa split in sid eth0: switched to forced 10bt Ethernet Adpater external scsi in pb wallstreet external vga + ibook2 Re: external vga + ibook2 [Modeline] Re: external vga + ibook2 [OpenFirmware command?] Fax server French keymap Re: French Keymap G4 1000 /proc/sys/cpu help g4 and switching consoles G4 mouse button problem galeon problem gdm 2 Re: GeForce4 on Linux PowerPC Getting a Performa 6360 to boot off of Debian gnome instability since yesterday update Got this far on a 7100/80 great news for november 2002 ibooks (w. radeon) Hardware clock on dual G4 highly inaccurate? Harman/Kardon Soundsticks HELP - can't boot into OSX - can I restore my data from debianppc? help on console video problem Help Please!! SCSI install problem HFS+ in fstab HFS+ question ... How can I control the display output (number of lines) how can i improve open gl performance on a tibook 400? How to avoid goint into sleep mode with a ibook2.2? How to make the tv output work ? How to switch fn key setting How-To backup hole harddisk of ibook Re: howto for compiling of deb packages Hylafax on debianppc I saw you at work today. jek I'm looking for Keymap for a french powerbook G4 IBM-250 ibook 12" 800mhz/radeon -- X problems ibook HD upgrade iBook modem iBook power management ibook2 airport card monitor mode problem ibook2.2 guide for debian instalation.. ibook3 dvd/cdrw problems iBooks and power savings (was: Re: fan in ibook3) Re: ide-controller ACARD 6260M not working with debian 3.0 iMac install: need to shrink UserSpace partition to add Debian installing mac os x after installing woody on G4 Cube installing woody on PowerMac 6500 w/3c905 PCI NIC Keeeeyboard problems Re: kernel compilation kernel compilation WAS: Re: TerraSoft PPC Motherboard. Kernel2.4.20 & PowerbookG3-Lombard awakening hiccup Re: kernels and b0xen Re: kernels and other Keyboard messed up Re: Keyboard messed up with new kernel Keycodes Problem Looking for quiet Harddisk Re: Low-latency/Preemptible/Compressed Cache Melted tiBooks missing ram MkLinux Freezes mol sees only one disk More external VGA weirdness Motorola PowerStack Mounting Debian Partition in Windows 2000 Pro movie editing programs & options My airport card doesn't work Need of a Kernel netatalk NuBus HowTo in Spanish... nvidia driver OpenGL support? Re: OT : How best to prolong iBook battery longevity (not Debian specific) OT: "Linux Para Todos Desktop" for PPC. PCMCIA on PB G3 pmacpow(scheduled auto startup) for ibook? powerbase240 won't boot, install problems PowerMac 7100/80 won't boot The last update was on 11:15 GMT Sun May 08. There are 765 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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