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Re: PowerMac 7100/80 won't boot

I put my installation notes up at http://www.clivemenzies.co.uk/nubus_woody.htm

 You should also look at:

 > http://fungus.ucdavis.edu/~dylan/index.php

 I've successfully installed woody on an 8100/80 using the 2.4.19 kernel

Thank you for this information,

I have been trying with the older 2.4.5 Mach Kernel images found at:
http://nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net/ and here
but the macfdisk seems very broken. I have been getting very unstable systems. Perhaps there is a way of getting a link to your notes on nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net
as that site tends to google much higher than yours.

A few comments (which could make this even easier for the next person)

I had to download Etsushi Kato's mach_kernels from an ftp client. The links on your page are not being accepted by his ftp server (I tried from galeon and mozilla perhaps this is my fault, but I am pretty sure I have downloaded from other ftp sites). This should be mentioned in your notes or perhaps, the images could be put on another server, or we could contact him (my wife is japanese perhaps she could translate).

I had to gunzip Etsushi Kato's mach_kernel on my linux box before copying it to the old mac. My old mac doesn't have the ability to gunzip and there is only a few hundred K gained in the compression. A non-gzipped image could be one less step.

I had to place the root partition 1st (before the swap partition) or the swap was not recognized as swap. I read this somewhere, but again this took several tries, before I got it right

I had the same issue as you concerning dhcp. Potato installer found dhcp, woody had to be configured manually.

Thanks again for the info

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