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Re: create HFS partition [solved]

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 12:01:13AM +0100, martin krung wrote:
> thank you Derrik and all
> it worked.
> this tip helped me a lot.

> but one questions remain, whay this 2GB limitation ? if i use HFS only
> on an MacOS, then i can make partitons bigger then 2GB. so i guess its
> only possible to read disk smaller then 2GB HFS from linux. right ??

I looked on the hfs-user list, and it said hfsutils under Linux can 
actually handle hfs volumes up to 4GB. However, there is also a 
limitation of 32,000 files per volume, so if your files are small
you'll run out of handles before getting to 2GB anyway.

Also there is a 2GB _file_ size limitation.

2GB partition size was what I had in mind from many moons ago under
System 7 - that was probably a system limitation, not HFS per se.

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-- Lawrence Bernstein, Discover, Feb 2003

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