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Blue and White G3 install problem

Hi all,
I posted a while back about how to create RAID volumes
and got some excellent advice. I didn't anticipate
having a problem getting the OS installed in the first
place. From watching this list for a while, it seems
like this is the best place to get answers
The machine is a Blue and White G3 (400MZ)Server with
896 MB of RAM. It has 3 SCSI drives (one 9gb and two
18gb) and two 40gb firewire drives. There are no ata
disk drives connected.
I am able to boot from the CD holding down the "C" key
and can boot up with a 2.4 kernel. I can't boot with
the 2.2 kernel. I go through the initial procedures
and when I get to Disk partioning I get the message:
"No hard disk drives could be found and the network is
configured. Please select "next" to mount the root
file system via NFS."
The scsi controller is an adaptec ultra2-lvd/se. It
came with the machine from Apple 
The information on the chip itself is
The drives are daisy chained together off the one
card. I believe they are terminated correctly as they
have worked fine in Mac OS for quite some time. Do I
need to load a driver for the SCSI card manually? Is
something else going on and manifesting this as the
symptom? TIA

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