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Re: G4 mouse button problem

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 19:56, J Q Private wrote:
> Hi folks.
> I've got a TiBook 667 and it's working well, but the
> mouse is being slightly problematic in two ways.
> 1. It's way too fast, but there is probably a non
> debian-ppc specific way to deal with that.
Look at the xset(1) man page.  I use "xset m 1 4" to set it to a
more reasonable speed.

> 2. The mouse button "clicks" even when I don't touch
> it sometimes. Twice, for instance, during the drafting
> of this email. Sometimes I move the pointer from one
> place to the next and it will select (click on) a menu
> item or link I cross.
I was amazed at how sensative the trackpad was(your wrist can trigger it
even you it just passes over...).  You probably want to disable the
tap-to-click feature of the trackpad.  I use
/sbin/trackpad notap
from the powerpc-utils package in a simple startup script which I made.

hope this helps
Mike Furr <mike.furr@umbc.edu>

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