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nvidia driver

I've been trying some of the latest kernels.  The 2.4.x versions seem to
work OK except I can't seem to get X to work.  I have a dual proc G4 and
one CPU is pegged with usage at 99%. Attaching with gdb gives: Attaching
to process 2925
0x106935a4 in ?? ()
Checking the logs shows no obvious errors that I can find.

I didn't see any address in that range when I nm'd The X server so
I don't know where that address is.

What I was wondering is, is the nvidia driver broken in the latest
kernels?  I have a GForce 2MX.

BTW I know this is probably not a good list to ask about PPC kernels.
If there is a better one, let me know.

Lastly, has anyone tried any 2.5 kernels?  I tried 2.5.59 and it sort
of works, but the console video goes away and it stops somewhere.  2.5.59
does not work on my PC either (compiled for X86 of course.).

And lastly, lastly, Has anyone got a Radeon card in there PPC machine?
I'm considering getting one because It seems the open source drivers are


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