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Re: great news for november 2002 ibooks (w. radeon)

On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 03:42:16PM +0100, Martin Karger wrote:
> a few minutes ago i downloaded the new 2.4.21-rc3-benh0 via bitkeeper:
> you can now close the lid, the ibook suspends. when you open the lid the 
> ibook cleanly awakes. :-)
> hmm .. not 100% cleanly: with dri disabled you just have to kill the 
> xserver after wakeup because colors are look like you are on lsd ;-)
> with dri enabled you should switch to a console before closing the lid (but 
>   no need to kill xserver afer wakeup).
> this works for me, nice ehhh? :-)

Is that the M7? If so, I'll be testing this out on my TiBook, it would
really be nice to have. :)

> good work ben!
> martin

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