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Re: PowerMac 7100/80 won't boot

At 4:28 pm -0700 14/1/03, Philip Larkin Waters wrote:
Is it NuBus?

Yes it is - incidentally there is a Nubus list for debian at linuxppc-nubus@lists.linuxppc.org

And what packages can I use for the MachLinux kernel updated 2001 June 19

I am not sure what you mean. I've got all the current Woody (3.0) packages I want.

I put my installation notes up at http://www.clivemenzies.co.uk/nubus_woody.htm



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 At 1:56 pm -0700 13/1/03, Marc Stergionis wrote:
 >At about 12:50 PM -0700 on 1/13/03, Marc Stergionis wrote:
 >>At about 1:08 PM -0500 on 1/13/03, Allan Streib wrote:
 >>>Don't know.  My 6500 is a PCI machine.  I only have 32 MB RAM, though.
 >>>On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Philip Larkin Waters wrote:
 >>>>  So if it prompts me for nothing after I try to boot from the
 >>>>.img file, that
 >>>>  means something like I don't have enough memory to complete the
 >>>>  i'm guessing
 >>>>  I'm using a 7100/80 with NuBus. I think it has 24MB. is there an
even more
 >>>  > scaled-down kernel I can use?
 >>NuBus machines require a special kernel. You can find some here,
 >>although everything seems to be about 1.5 years old, so don't know
 >>how it would work with the packages on your CD. Looks like kernel
 >>2.4.4 ...
 >Oops ... guess an url would help:

 You should also look at:

 > http://fungus.ucdavis.edu/~dylan/index.php

 I've successfully installed woody on an 8100/80 using the 2.4.19 kernel


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