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Re: eth0: switched to forced 10bt

El lun, 06-01-2003 a las 11:12, Raph HP escribió:
> Hello,
> I have a TiBook III with Ben's kernel 2.4.20-ben1. When I do not have
> any ethernet cable plugged in, every 5 seconds I get a message
> eth0: switched to forced 10bt
> and
> eth0: switched to forced 100bt
> Is it normal?
> Is there a way to get rid of it without turning eth0 down?
> In a general way, is there a way to get rid of kernel messages in the
> text consoles? (I know it is not a ppc-specific question, please excuse
> me, but I did not find an answer elswere yet)

I have the same problem. You have to tell the kernel what kind of
messages you want to receive.

The only thing you have to do is in the archive

/etc/init.d/klogd is a line like

KLOGD="" and you have to put KLOGD="-c 2"

If you read the manpage of the klogd you'll see that this parameter is
the level of the messages you receive from the kernel.

Be sure this level is the one you want.

Please, I hope you understand english is not my mother language.



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