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Re: eth0: switched to forced 10bt

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 04:28:48PM +0000, Miguel Sousa Filipe wrote:
> | Why do you want it up when it's not in use?
> Simple.. to detect when I connect it to a cable and to automatically run 
> dhcpcd
> or dhclient to fetch for a network config.
> Basically, in my university i have to jump from room to room, disconnecting 
> and
> connecting back in onother room, basically.. allways on the move.. ehehe
> The ability to detect a wired cable and try to get a network config is 
> pretty nice.
> But having those messages in the console just because I desconnected the 
> cable
> is not very nice.. I could go for a message like.. lost connection bla 
> bla.. and
> ~ another one when it got a connection back.. .but the present kind of 
> verbosity
> is not welcome.

You should check ifplugd or one of the many similar packages available in
debian that does exactly what you want.


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