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Re: how can i improve open gl performance on a tibook 400?

ahh -- there are more detailed messages about what I had to do to get opengl working on my ibook (with a rage128) but basically, I had to set my colors to 16bit rather than 24 bit... that was the deciding factor. If you have a rage128 you DON'T need dri-trunk or anything like that, and honestly, that whole bit confused me as well.

you can just run dpkg-reconfigure xfree86 (that's not the actual package name, i don't remember off-hand, and I'm stuck on a windows machine right now) It'll ask you a bunch of stuff, you want 16bit color, and you DO want it to add the DRI part. after that, restart xwindows and run glxinfo, it should say direct hardware rendering = yes. Also, you can run glxgears, and those puppies should be spinning like mad (300 fps or so)

Good luck, if you can't figure it out -- I'll be happy to help more. It took me a long time to get it, hopefully my struggles will help you. :) (The big key was the 16 bit color)


debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org wrote:

I am trying to play a game that uses opengl or mesa. http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/chromium/
The graphics performance on my machine (tibook 400) is too slow to play
it. I'm a bit confused by what exactly libmesa, dri trunk, framebuffer etc
are. Can anyone suggest how i can improve my graphics performance?

I'm currently running a 2.4.20 benh kernel (2.4.20-rc3-ben0). I compiled
framebuffer support for the rage128 into the kernel but not dri.


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