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Re: Kernel2.4.20 & PowerbookG3-Lombard awakening hiccup

On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 05:04, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> Hello
> 3 weeks ago I've compiled a stock kernel.org 2.4.20 kernel and 
> replaced the previously used 2.4.18 one. I took the 2.4.18 .config 
> and added a second wirelesslan driver (and maybe a few other 
> modules). About 5 weeks ago I upgraded my RAM to 256+512MB (from 
> which only 2*256 were recognized)

Did you try CONFIG_HIGHMEM ? What do dmesg says about BAT allocation ?
(very first few lines of dmesg).

>  Since about 3 weeks I've been 
> experiencing frequent power cutoffs after waking up the pb from sleep 
> - after opening the lid and hitting a key, it would switch on the 
> hard disk and the display, then about 1-2 seconds later it would just 
> switch completely off. Pressing the power-on button would boot it, 
> but the function key setting has each time been resetted (which means 
> that the PRAM has been deleted, right? BTW I'm still looking for a 
> version of fnset that really works on this lombard, unlike some 
> claims from others, looks like there are multiple versions of 
> lombards, I have a 333Mhz CPU). Independantly from wakeup, the 
> poweroff did only happen once, and this was when MacOS9 was running 
> natively - well I think there is a loose connection somewhere, I've 
> had sudden poweroffs quite a few times already, maybe once per month 
> or two. But the poweroffs right after wakeup looked like a new 
> phenomena and it happened in about 30% of all wakeups.

I didn't quite understand your statement. Is this specific to waking up
in linux or does this happen in MacOS as well ?

> I thought that it was maybe the not correctly recognized RAM (and the 
> salesman claimed I would have to upgrade my firmware; I searched the 
> apple pages but only found upgrades for pismos and newer models; so I 
> returned to the shop, but the technician there didn't find a firmware 
> upgrade either and claimed that the MacOS9 "software upgrade" tool 
> would automatically install upgrades anyway). So I gave up with 
> trying to use more than 512MB total RAM and traded the 512MB bar for 
> a 256 one (so I have now 512MB total). But I've still had 3 or 4 
> poweroffs the same day.  So I downgraded my kernel to 2.4.18.  This 
> has been 4 days ago and I have not had a single case of a poweroff 
> since with 2.4.18.

Oh, you RAM isn't recongnized by MacOS either ? Looks like some BAD dimm
indeed. Now, regarding the poweroffs, that's strange. Those are
typically triggered by the PMU timing out, so that can eventually be a
kernel crash at a bad moment, but still, that is weird.

> So my conclusion: I *think* that there must be some software problem 
> with wakeup with 2.4.20. (BTW if I remember correctly it was with 
> 2.4.20 that I've seen the wakeup cycle take really long (~20 seconds) 
> until X is back and the beep is played. This only happened 2 times.)

The beep is some random crap due to power management of the sound chip.
20 seconds does indeed sounds too long though. Is your kernel compiled
with CONFIG_XMON ? Do you see it entering the xmon debugger sometimes on
wakeup ? Also make sure you have apm_emu enabled and /dev/apm_bios
created so that XFree is properly power managed.

> Of course it might also be a *combination* of flaky hardware and this 
> kernel. If that's the case, I'll have to take precautions (buy 
> another laptop soon enough).
> Did anyone have the same experience?
> Christian.
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>

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