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Re: Got this far on a 7100/80

Title: Re: Got this far on a 7100/80
What is Woody?
At 5:05 pm -0700 14/1/03, Philip Larkin Waters wrote:
So, I used the Mach Kernel and the Apple Bootloader and I actually got some results!
It was kinda cool...
in any event I got the following error:
VFS Cannot open root device sdb5 or 08:15
Please appand a correct "root=" boot option
kernel panic VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:15  
on a 7100/80 what is the correct root= option and how do I set it?

Open lilo.conf on the Mac side - you can use Control Panels/MkLinux and select Custom

set rootdev=/dev/ram

And it should boot you into the installation screen you can then install woody from the net.

Good luck



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