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Re: cannot make system bootable (PMac 6500)

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Allan Streib wrote:

> OK that does not work.  ofpath still cannot find the device path for
> /dev/hda3 (my root partition).  ofpath --debug /dev/hda3 produces:

What DID work were the instructions at:

In summary I did the following on my PowerMac 6500

* IGNORE the "Make system bootable" in the installer.  It uses ofpath
  which evidently does not work on this particular machine/model.

* Go to the console (Option-F2)

* Use nvsetenv to set the following OpenFirmware variables
    auto-boot?     false (just in case...)
    boot-device    ata/ata-disk@0:3 (my root partition is 3)
    input-device   kbd
    output-device  /bandit/ATY,264GT-B

* Make a quik.conf file in /target/etc (where the installer mounts
  /dev/hda3).  Use the "nano-tiny" editor for this.  File should contain
  the following:


      timeout = 100
      default = linux

      image = /vmlinux
              label = linux

* Remove the symlink /target/vmlinux.  The URL above mentions that quik
  will not follow symlinks, and that the kernel image must be at the top
  of the filesystem.  So copy /target/boot/vmlinux-2.2.20-pmac to

* Execute /target/sbin/quik -v -r /target

* Reboot.  At the OpenFirmware boot prompt, type "boot /vmlinux".

Away it went -- booted flawlessly.  Once I am comfortable with
everything I will probably nvsetenv boot-comand "boot /vmlinux" and
nvsetenv auto-boot? true.


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