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About software from other distribution Re: Re: Adoption of the debconf package as maintainer or in co-maintenance Archival of source material forwarded upstream (was: Re: RFS: pidgin-skype). Bug#553707: RFH: lzma -- future of Debian squashfs-lzma Re: Bug#556347: FTBFS with binutils-gold Bug#557892: RFH: hfsprogs -- mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems Buildd failed: C compiler cannot create executables Re: Buildd failed: C compiler cannot create executables (solved) Re: Building pdf from odt files noninteractively? Call for help on Can /usr/share/doc/<pkg> be deleted on upgrade ? Configuration file with sensitive data (password) Debian changelog vs upstream changelog Debian JED Group needs a co-maintainer/sponsor Re: Debian JED Group needs a co-maintainer/sponsor (solved) DM-Upload-Allowed considered confusing (was: RFS: youtube-dl (updated package, support for 1080p videos)) Embedding one .deb inside another $FOO-Forge sites and ‘uscan’ GNOME default applications Graphviz 2.24.0 How to do a survey on lbzip2 as a bzip2 alternative? Re: How to document "special" copyright cases (dual-licensing granted by upstream) How to document "special" copyright cases (dual-licensing granted by upstream) How to properly register a program in KDE/GNOME How to update package which is in ftp-master queue? How to write emacs dependency ? Improve the Val(a)ide package I need some help of x11 insserv: warning: current stop runlevel(s) ... overwrites defaults Üç ayda İngilizce konuşmak istiyor musunuz? jmdns accepted upstream A libtool and automake question (for developing fuppes) Lintian experimental tags (was: RFS: ampache (updated package)) Re: Lintian pickiness and packaging improvements linux-any arch Man and UTF-8. Mentor inquiry / Package adoption Re: [ Re: RFS: php-clamav] New developer. dead? ninja (updated package) (non-)upstream changelog "One time" post-invoke hook On patching bts_webui [OT?] Moving files with git, without losing history. Packaging Re: pbuilder and dependency from experimental Re: presumable last policy change before releasing Squeeze? Python Program Packaging: Problem Installing .desktop File Re: Realloc is blocking execution Request for a Mentor Re: request for review: lbzip2-0.17-1 RFR: lbzip2-0.18-1 RFS-2: wmaker-data (updated package) RFS (3rd try after 2nd unanswered): wmaker-data (updated package) RFS: acx100 (updated package) Re: RFS: aegis (updated package, hijack) RFS: Algoscore RFS: ampache-themes (updated package) RFS: ampache (updated package) Re: RFS: avifile (QA upload) RFS: bashare RFS: blazeblogger RFS: bluemindo (updated package) RFS: checkinstall (fixes RC bug) RFS: codeigniter RFS: colorcode RFS: congruity RFS: e2tools (updated package, New maintainer) RFS: earcandy (updated package) RFS: enscript (updated package) RFS: ethos RFS: evilvte (updated package) RFS: fpm2 (updated package) - password manager RFS: g3dviewer RFS: gdisk RFS: gem (updated package) [3rd try] Re: RFS: gem (updated package) [ITA] RFS: glpeces RFS: gmic RFS: gnomad2 (updated package) RFS: gnurobbo (update package, removing non-DFSG-free content) RFS: haskell-hscurses Re: RFS: imagination (updated package) RFS: iptotal (updated package) RFS: iptotal (updated package, adopting) Re: RFS/ITA: gem (updated package) - #4 RFS: ITA of giflib RFS: java3d-fileloader RFS: jaxodraw Re: RFS: kanjisaver (updated package) RFS: keynav (updated package) - keyboard-driven mouse cursor mover RFS: klatexformula Re: RFS: kwin-style-aurorae Re: RFS: lesstif2 Re: RFS: lesstif2 AND Questions about collab-maint RFS: libaudio-nama-perl RFS: libdc0 and valknut (ITA) RFS: libfile-copy-link-perl RFS: libnatspec (re-post) RFS: libplist (Adopted, updated package) RFS: libqtintf4 RFS: lrslib, package to enumerate solutions to linear inequalities RFS: luma (updated package) RFS: mercurial-server RFS: mppenc (NMU, fixes ftbfs) RFS: nd (updated package) RFS: netdiscover (updated package) RFS: ocropus (updated package, 2nd try) RFS: opencbm RFS:openpref (updated package) RFS: p2c (QA upload, RC bug fix) RFS: pgtune Re: RFS: php-clamav RFS: php-net-ipv6 RFS: pidgin-skype RFS: (updated package) RFS: puredata (updated package) [ITA] RFS: python-slimmer RFS: python-sshpt RFS: python-textile (updated package) RFS: python-tornado RFS: qtsmbstatus RFS: qutecsound (updated package) RFS: qutim, qutim-protocol-icq, qutim-protocol-jabber RFS: roxterm (updated package) RFS: smplayer RFS: smplayer and smplayer-themes (updated packages) RFS: spring RFS: springlobby RFS: swiginac (updated package) RFS: tclxml RFS: trend (updated package) RFS: twitim RFS: uget RFS: usb-modeswitch (updated package) RFS: vncsnapshot (updated package) RFS: vrfy (updated, QA upload) RFS: wepbuster RFS: windowlab (updated package) RFS: wixi RFS: wmaker-data (updated package) RFS: xfe (updated package - new upstream release) RFS: yorick-spydr (new upstream) RFS: youtube-dl (updated package, support for 1080p videos) RFS: zerofree (updated package) scrollkeeper/rarian A stale library: libtwofish-dev Re: swami - libgtk1.2 The last update was on 17:00 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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