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(non-)upstream changelog

the developers of an app I'm packaging, denemo (www.denemo.org) do not
use (it is there, but not updated since months) the file ChangeLog.

However, they do keep a list of changes, which they published, for the
last release, in their site and on the mailing list, and which content
would be the perfect content for filling a changelog. [0]

Do you suggest me to:
- patch the changelog/introduce a new one, and then install it, or
- in debian/changelog, after "New upstream release", list all of those

I tend to see the second option as cleaner, but I don't know if ~20
lines of changelog entry for a new upstream release would be considered
too verbose.

thanks in advance for any hint


P.S: yes, I may ask them to change their policy... for the next release.

P.P.S: I'm taking care of this package since few months... under
previous maintainer, the upstream ChangeLog was still updated


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