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Re: How to do a survey on lbzip2 as a bzip2 alternative?


On Sat, 21 Nov 2009, ERSEK Laszlo wrote:
> I *really* feel my work between lbzip2-0.15 and lbzip2-0.17, both
> upstream and packaging, is down the drain.

At the very least this work was of use to _you_ --- so it is not down
the drain.

> I was pestering the bzip2 and tar package maintainers to cooperate
> with me on alternatives symlinks, but once it comes to specifics,
> they conveniently ignore me. I guess they are right; if users don't
> care, why should they?  And why should users care if lbzip2 is not
> useful to them? I'm just hurting because I worked in vain to serve
> what I perceived to be a user request. Won't happen ever again, I
> promise.

I don't really understand how you feel. However, Galois, Abel, van
Gogh and others who spent their life unappreciated might have felt
even greater pain than you do! :-)

This is not meant to mock you but to help you appreciate the fact
that doing a nice job (as you have done) does not necessarily lead to
appreciation from the society at large. This should not deter us from
continuing to do our best.



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