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Re: RFS: luma (updated package)

Le Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 11:30:51PM +0100, Per H. a écrit :
> Kartik Mistry wrote:
> > 1. You are not maintainer of package. Package is not Orphan or RFAed.
> > Have you discussed this with current maintainers?
> MIA...
> After nobody reacted on #481968 I wrote to Bjorn about a year ago and
> never received a reaction.
> None of the maintainers reacted to any of the open bugs in the last 43
> months!
> Luma 2.4 has been released 20 months ago and we are still at 2.3
> The last upload was a NMU.

Dear Per,

these are excellent reasons for hijacking the package. Would you be interested?

In that case, please send an ‘intend to hijack’ message on debian-devel. First
of all, it raises the attention of other DDs that the current maintainer is
MIA. If this package needed hijacking, the other packages he was maintaining
probably do so as well. Second, by raising the issue on debian-devel, you tap
in the whole project's memory. People may know informations very useful for
you, but unless they know you are working on the package, there is little
chance they communicate them to you. Lastly, it seems that it is more and more
difficult to find a sponsor on this list, and you may find somebody interested
in helping you.

Thanks a lot for the care you have in our abandonned packages, and have a nice

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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