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Re: RFS: imagination (updated package)

2009/11/4 Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>:
> Luca Falavigna ha scritto:
>> see [1]
> where [1] is http://lists.debian.org/debian-dak/2009/11/msg00034.html :)

OK, sure. But does anyone know what "NO NEW PROCESSING CURRENTLY
AVAILABLE" actually means in practice? Do it mean that no packages
will be moved out of NEW or that no packages that need to go through
NEW should be uploaded? What about for a package uploaded over a week
ago while these changes were under way?

I just want to make sure that the upload hasn't been completely lost.
If a package isn't in NEW, Incoming, or the archive where would one
look to make sure it still exists?


- Andrew

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