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RFR: lbzip2-0.18-1

Dear Mentors,

I kindly request you to review my package lbzip2-0.18-1. The package is located at



* New upstream release:
  - Add sanity checks to both decompressors.
  - Remove input FILE operands.
  - Implement options --keep and --force.
  - Copy file attributes from original to (de)compressed.
  - Add new exit status 4 to signal warnings.
  - (Author eats his own dog-food, replaced bzip2 with lbzip2 on his system.)
* Author switched to cvsnt from cvs; change date separators from "-" to "/"
  in the substituted $Id$ value in debian/patches/makefile.
* Adapt line numbers in debian/patches/man-inst-paths to updated manual page.

As suggested earlier, I checked the package with

  lintian --info --display-info --display-experimental --pedantic \
    --show-overrides --checksums --color auto ...

in a sid pbuilder. Lintian displayed one warning (reformatted here):

  W: lbzip2: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man1/lbzip2.1.gz
  Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character

I believe #555330 and #555331 may lurk in the background.


Thank you very much,

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