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Re: Can /usr/share/doc/<pkg> be deleted on upgrade ?

Le 30 nov. 09 à 00:13, Manoj Srivastava a écrit :

On Thu, Nov 26 2009, Matthew Palmer wrote:

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 01:38:32PM +0100, Lucas B. Cohen wrote:
Is it considered acceptable for a package to blindly delete, then
recreate its entire directory under /usr/share/doc upon installation or
upgrade ?
       Given that, while I consider it odd, and I would want an
explanation, I don't think other packages have a right to complain
about it.


AFAIU, the goal here is to remove the directory to replace it with a symlink to another package's (something which is allowed by policy provided that a Depends ensure the availability of this directory). The discussion is related to bug 554197. Apparently the change is already done, the bug report only concerns the missing Depends. Removing the directory still appears in the preinst though.

Having sad that, I think this is not something anyone should do;
there are probably better solutions that can be arrived at.

The documentation for bacula is in a Arch: all package (bacula- common). Alternative solutions include linking only files within the directory or adding a note in README.Debian.

Admin files found in /u/s/d/bacula could also be moved to the bacula- common before deletion of /u/s/d/bacula/.

Regards, Thibaut.

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