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Re: Can /usr/share/doc/<pkg> be deleted on upgrade ?

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 03:41:39PM +0100, Lucas B. Cohen wrote:
> Roger Leigh wrote:
> > 
> > Users don't have write access to anything under /usr in general
> > (and /usr/share/doc in particular).  If they did place files there,
> > they must have done it after gaining root privs.  I.e. they took
> > deliberate steps to do something they should not under normal
> > circumstances have been permitted to do.  The user is clearly at
> > fault here for writing "personal" data into a directory managed
> > by the packaging system.
> I hadn't thought of that, I guess it settles it. Thank you for you answer.

/me adds bacula to the "never, not ever" list.

- Matt

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