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Re: RFS: tclxml

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 12:09:31PM +0200, Andrew O. Shadoura wrote:
> Hello.
> The previous maintainer on tclxml package orphaned it, while package has a bug 
> rendering it completely unusable, and there's a new upstream version available 
> with that bug fixed.
> I'd like to take over maintainance, and I need a sponsor for that.

Ok a few short remarks after a first look:
* There are a lot of commented out lines in debian/rules - need them or
  delete them. ;)
* Is there a reason to build-dep on tcl 8.4? Otherwise build-dep on the
  tcl-dev package.
* One should try if you can utilize the 'tcltk-depends' helper script to
  get your depends from this tool and the ${tclsh:Depends} variable.
  (maybe take a look at tclcurl or mysqltcl)
* Note in debian/copyright that you're now maintaining the package.

There is a pkg-tcltk-devel mailinglist on lists.alioth.org,
it's worth posting RFS there too so that people interested in Tcl related
packages see them.

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