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Re: RFS: gem (updated package) [3rd try]

zmoelnig@iem.at wrote:
> Quoting "Barry deFreese" <bdefreese@verizon.net>:
>> I: gem: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 2060kB 32%
> now what to do about that?
> the source of the problem is a pdf-file in the documentation.
> i guess once possible solution would be to create an arch-independent
> gem-doc package containing the documentation.
> another one would be to just ignore it for now.
> fgmafdr
> IOhannes
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Obviously the preferred method is to create an arch-indep doc package.  But
personally for such a small package I would sponsor even with that.  (I can't
speak for others though).



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