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Re: How to do a survey on lbzip2 as a bzip2 alternative?

On Fri, 20 Nov 2009, George Danchev wrote:

Not that I can help with the surveys, but you may want to compare your
compressor to the practical tests and comparisons found at [1], and eventually
update your debaday article with the results.

[1] (URLs might be wrapped)

Thanks for the links.

I'm not arguing users should use lbzip2 or any other bzip2 implementation. As I commented below the debaday article [0]:

[0] http://debaday.debian.net/2009/11/12/lbzip2-parallel-bzip2-utility/#comment-158296

    I recommend lbzip2 for the case when you're bound to or want to use
    bzip2, for whatever reason. I'm not saying you should choose lbzip2 over
    other compressor families.

A trivial reason to use bzip2 is to decompress a file downloaded from the internet. If you have a multi-core CPU and the file was compressed with standard bzip2, you might want to use lbzip2. Perhaps even automatically.


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