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Re: New developer.


* Nuno Paquete <nunopaquete@gmail.com> [091125 14:18]:

> How can I get GnuPG key?

You create one yourself.

> I don't know anybody in the team and 

You know, that you need someone to advocate you?

> I've read that I need someone to give me one.

Where did you read this?

> I'm thinking about doing this:
> - Read all the necessary documentation (I need to read a lot yet)
> - Get a GnuPG key

No, you create a key and get it signed by soomeone in the project.

> - Submit myself as a maintainer of a project

Before you do that, you should already have contributed to the project.
e.g. being part of a (packaging) team or getting packages uploaded for
you by a sponsor.

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