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Re: RFS: libqtintf4

Hello again!
I got this reply from Den Jean about the sources as statement:



Makefiles just serve to finally create calls to gcc,
these calls I wrote by hand (there was no qmake in qt2)
to more easily configure which Qt to use on the system. 
  - 2 different Qt's on a system: 
	The system Qt used to be a Qt3 not so long ago (Debian stable is still
        or an old unwanted Qt4 (eg Qt 4.0 and you wanted Qt 4.4) 
  - cross compiling
The makefile would just pickup the wrong one. But for distro 
packaging, the system t is ofcourse the target Qt. 
Both methods can coexist.

I would propose to store the rpm and deb packages somewhere (fpc website?),
most distros allow the addition of package sources. 
  - one for latest stable lazarus in a stable source and 
  - an often refreshed one in a testing/cooker package source

The binding source is created by scripts, with many manual steps. 
A Qt binding is actually always alot of manual work (defining 
solutions to every exception, just read the so called typedef 
system of QtJambi or a kalyptus generator.


He will definitely nor re-write the interface using SMOKE (because it is
undocumented and not necessary. Also many applications depend on the
existing libqt4intf).
I dont's see why this package can not be included into Debian. The only
thing which blocks the inclusion is the lack of a make system like qmake,
If at least one uses this software, it is relevant for Debian, I think.
Maybe they will switch to SMOKE later, but today the interface library is a
fixed standard if you want to create Qt4 applications with FPC. Do you have
comments on packaging?
Kind regards
   Matthias Klumpp

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