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Re: RFS: luma (updated package)

Kartik Mistry wrote:
> Per wrote:
>> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 2.4-0.1
>> of my package "luma".

> 1. You are not maintainer of package. Package is not Orphan or RFAed.
> Have you discussed this with current maintainers?


After nobody reacted on #481968 I wrote to Bjorn about a year ago and
never received a reaction.

None of the maintainers reacted to any of the open bugs in the last 43
Luma 2.4 has been released 20 months ago and we are still at 2.3
The last upload was a NMU.

I'll also CC to the Sub-Maintainer Peter, perhaps he might be interested.

> 2. What about current RC bugs already in package? I'm sure you are
> going to deal with it :)

There is only one RC bug (#533985) and it seem to be a python-sip4 vs.
python-qt3 bug.
(Python 2.5 failed to import qt because of a wrong sip api)

Both packages have been updated since the failed build so I suggest to
rebuild it on amd64-Sid!

             Failed build  Current Sid  Current Lenny
python-qt3   3.18-2        3.18.1-2     3.17.4-1
python-sip4  4.8.1-1       4.9-1        4.7.6-1

2.3-1.1 and 2.4-0.1 build and run fine under amd64-Lenny and i386-Sid!


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