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Re: New developer.

On 2009-11-26, George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
> * start with learning how Debian Bug Tracking System is manipulated  
> (which is one of the most valuable Debian assets)
> * look for neglected bug reports, eventually in packages you are using
> * try to submit patches and/or helpful comments to these bug reports.
> * you might also want to adopt a neglected package, but do so only if  
> you feel you have the knowledge and time to maintain it properly, not  
> just for the sake of it.

ALternatively, join one of the existing teams that handles some packages
you are interested in, and most teams are understaffed. 

If you are up for big challenges, joining
pkg-$your_preferred_desktop_environment could be a possibility.

If you are up for even bigger challenges, join the X team.

 - member of pkg-kde and looking for someone to package libattica

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