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Re: How to do a survey on lbzip2 as a bzip2 alternative?

ERSEK Laszlo wrote:
> On my machine, standard bunzip2 consumes about 3.6 MB compressed input per 
> second. I subscribed to a mid-level residential internet package. I've 
> just downloaded a kernel tarball from kernel.org (, Redwood 
> City, CA -> Budapest, Hungary), wget has been showing a sustained rate of 
> 6.78 MB/s. You do the math.

I download at 370KB/s on good days and from local servers, and it's the 
fastest (and most expensive) plan my ISP provides. And I know people on 

> However, I cannot help bitterly disclosing to you that I've presented the
> *exact* same example in my debaday article, which I've linked to at the
> beginning of my thread-starting post.

I don't consider footnote links in one post to be a must-read before 
replying to another post further down the thread.

I already know well that clicking a link on a post will lead me to another, 
and before I know it I spent an hour recursively reading the internet.


I read mailing lists through Gmane. Please don't Cc me on replies; it makes 
me get one message on my newsreader and another on email.

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