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Re: RFS: libqtintf4

On Sat, 7 Nov 2009 11:59:10 +0000 (UTC), Sune Vuorela <nospam@vuorela.dk>

> Looks like lgpl
Oops, misstyped! The debian/copyright file is correct

>> It builds these binary packages:
>> libqt4intf-dev - Qt4 interface bindings
>> libqt4intf5 - Qt4 interface bindings
> For which language?

For Pascal, but a few other languages use it under Windows. (but just

>> - dget
> The sources seem to contain many autogenerated files with moc. these 
> should be redone on build.
Okay, I will fix that.

> How are the bindings done? By manually writing each wrapper class or by
> some 'secret script' that helps?
Seems it is all written manually.

> It looks like the qreal handling is too fragile, but might be just
> enough to make it work on debian, and it seems to assume
> that all people using Qt on arm uses 'qtopia'. (qtopia doesn't exist
> anymore)
I'm not a Qt-Developer (I never used Qt in C++), but I can forward your
mail to the libqt4intf-developers. Maybe they can do something.

> And wouldn't it make more sense to create different bindings for each qt
> module? That's what the python, c#, ruby, php, lua, ... bindings are
> doing.
Maybe... I forward this mail to the module devs.
> The build system looks like it is a buildd killer. It basically builds
> all files at once, instead of build all files and then link them
> together.
Yes, this is really a strange thing - but it works.

> I'm not sure I like this way of creating qt bindings, I_think doing what
> the kdebindigs people, by using the 'smoke' intermediate library is a
> better way ahead.
The libqt4intf is also available for Windows and MacOS-X. I dont't think
Smoke works on those platforms.

> I'm not interested in pascal, so I won't sponsor this. This is a first
> list of comments from some Qt person ;)
Do you have to be interested in a package to upload it? I think the
comments will help upstream a lot to make this package better.

> /Sune
>  - maintainer of qt, kde, including kde and qt bindings for various
>    languages.
So you know a lot about this :-P

Best regards
   Matthias Klumpp

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