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Re: RFS: qutim, qutim-protocol-icq, qutim-protocol-jabber

In fact, qutIM uses Qt framework, rather than GTK as Empathy/Pidgin or
Glib in Telepathy, so it's DE-independent, and don't require neither
Gnome nor KDE libraries (so I think it's incorrect to compare it with
telepathy/kopete).  In pure-Qt IM's I can name only SIM, which has
practically died in the Qt3 times.
It has extremely more complete and correct implementation of ICQ
protocol, than telepathy/pidgin.
Next, it has support of widely spread in Russia MRIM protocol
(packaging in progress), no other linux clients support it at the
Jabber support is based on the gloox library, which supports some
XEPs, that at least Pidgin don't know, e.g. capabilities. Work on
Jingle and filetransfer is in progress.
Also pidgin/empathy have very bad support of some user-loved
feeatures, such as x-statuses, moods, activities.
And finally, qutIM have rich plugin system and great skin engines.
It's possible to change any client's components like chat window (no
holywars about input field as in Pidgin:) ), and add many other
features, either messaging-related (e.g. mass messaging plugin or
chess as in Psi) or interface ones (e.g. it already has plugins for
KDE-integration and libnotify notifications).

Thanks for your interest :)

2009/11/5 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> There are already quite a few multi-protocol instant messenger
> clients; the telepathy stack is probably the most important, followed
> by pidgin.
> What does the qutim UI offer over empathy (telepathy client) and pidgin?
> What do the qutim protocol implementations offer over the ones in the
> telepathy stack and libpurple (used by pidgin and optionally in
> telepathy)?

Best wishes,
Vsevolod Velichko

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