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Re: RFS: pidgin-skype

On Tue, Nov 03 2009, Norbert Preining wrote:

> On Di, 03 Nov 2009, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> provide assurances that the SVG no longer exists at all. You probably
>> also should be generating the icons on the fly from the SVG using
>> inkscape as you build the package.
> What??? That is a joke, right?
> If everyone would start using inkscape for building icons that are pre-made
> then ... well, build-deps are exploding.


> I consider this wrong behaviour.

        No, it would be the right behaviour. Even of gcc, cpp, and ldd
 are huge, we do not complain about building non-source files while
 building binary packages.

> Finally to the OP: BTW, you have to cut out the brain of upstream
> and include a digitized version of it in your source, becasue that one
> is the preferred version of editing, and the real source.
> Guys you are getting ridicuolous.

        Actually, your posting is perhaps the only one that meets this
 criteria.  What is so wrong about insisting on the preferred form of

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