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Re: How to do a survey on lbzip2 as a bzip2 alternative?

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009, Nicolas Alvarez wrote:

I download at 370KB/s on good days and from local servers, and it's the
fastest (and most expensive) plan my ISP provides. And I know people on

An alternative is not an obligation, it's an alternative. I can accept, though, that it may not be worth the increased complexity if so few users would choose the alternative. I would be happy (and I did ask for) a clear "no".

I don't consider footnote links in one post to be a must-read before
replying to another post further down the thread.

I already know well that clicking a link on a post will lead me to another,
and before I know it I spent an hour recursively reading the internet.

1. Fair enough.

2. It was a footnote only for syntactic reasons, so that the link wouldn't disrupt the text. (I guess.) IIRC I asked about how to do a survey, and also (kind of necessarily) mentioned the topic. You chose to address the topic, and in that aspect, the link was relevant. Whatever.

3. Please consider that any and all FAQs, netiquettes, policies blare "DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING". I used to read around for hours before taking the courage to post, lest somebody shouts at me (or, perhaps more likeliy, ignores me, even though she could help me). Now I'm not implying you should have done your research; I'm bringing this up as an excuse if I overreacted bit.


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