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Re: RFS: kwin-style-aurorae

On 2009-10-31, Lukasz Janyst <janyst@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have been using Debian for a couple of years now. I really
> appreciate the great work you're doing and I would like to help. I
> have read some docs and faqs on contributing to the project and
> decided to start with this simple package that I am using every day on
> my Debian machines. The 'debianization' boils down to just two lines
> in the rules file, but it's probably still a good exercise to get
> familiarized with the process. Could somebody please have a look?


I haven't looked at the package itself, but just at aurorae. It looks
great, and it has been merged into kde trunk, so it will be part of kde
4.4 being uploaded in the beginning of february.

I'm not sure wether it is worth uploading aurorae separately at this
time, but if you are interested in kde related packaging, you are
welcome to join the KDE team and help with KDE and friends directly.

Feel free to drop by on #debian-qt-kde on irc.debian.org and say hi.


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