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Re: Can /usr/share/doc/<pkg> be deleted on upgrade ?

On Sun, Nov 29 2009, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:

> here are a lot of things upstream can do that's undone at packaging in
> order to comply with Debian policy.  If it *were* (a big if, of
> course) the policy that local-* files are sacred then something should
> be done.  On the other hand that finding a [mycompany]-whatever would
> be odd is just a matter of statistics.

        But that is no such dictum in policy.

> And regarding behaviour, because of Debian Policy's D.2.2 Size and
> MD5sum.  Since md5sums are already part of the binary package
> definition it might be expected a good thing the same kind of logic
> like that of config files to be applied.  Is it current checksum
> different from both the version installed and the new one?  Then shout
> out loud.  Again, why having two different behaviours when you can
> have one?

        The files under /etc are configuration files, with some
 expectation that the admin usually does need to modify them. All other
 drirectories are not under such a protection.

        If you want to change policy, this is the wrong forum. As things
 stand today, use files and data under /usr (and not /usr/local) are not
 guaranteed, and there should be no expectation of them being preserved.


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